Sprinkle Vinyl Decals

  • $5.00

Sprinkle Vinyl Decal Packs! 

-Application Instructions included.

-Each Sprinkle is  2.7 x 0.7 inches.

-Packs of 25 with RANDOM COLORS! Each color is on the listing picture.

-Test your wall or surface before applying to be sure it will not pull the paint. Looks best on flat walls but will adhere to textured walls.

- Removable but not reusable.

-About 50 sprinkle stickers are on the listing picture. 

-Actual colors might vary slightly due to variances in digital screens.

-Not responsible for any damage to decal or surface due to application error.

-Oracle 651 vinyl


1. Clean surface. Test surface first. 

2. peal backing off and place sticky side down to surface. 

3. smooth out with a credit card.